In order to keep our promise of high quality, we have chosen very robust local olive tree: Chetoui. We are thus able to guarantee a consistently organic cultivation.

Olive oil from Tunisia

Olive trees and olive oil have influenced Tunisian every day life for generations. For thousands of years, olive trees have been cultivated in this North African country. Phoenicians, Greeks and Hebrews and later the Carthaginians, Romans and Arabs, traded in olive oil “the green gold of the Mediterranean region”.

Extensive olive groves are now part of the country’s landscape. They stretch from the coast in the north to the desert in the south. Hot dry summers and cool winters ensure perfect conditions of cultivation. Tunisia is the third largest exporter of olive oil in the world. It actually has the second largest acreage of olive groves, but comes in fourth in production behind Spain, Italy and Greece.


The olives used for our oil come only from our own grove and those of neighbouring families. Our olive grove is surrounded by a Mediterranean garden that we designed ourselves. It is bordered by rolling hills, only 30 kilometres from Tunis, and lies at the foot of an impressive mountain, Jebel Rassas.


We harvest from Mid-November until Mid-December, by soft brushing the branches by hand. This traditional method of harvesting protects the trees and their fruit and guarantees a very high quality olive oil.

Our olives are harvested by the same pickers every year. They live in close proximity of our olive grove and have seen and taken part in its development for many years. They are excellent workers and therefore receive a fair wage for their work.


We bring the harvest directly to our own, modern, stainless steel press. The olives are then washed and cold pressed. This way, we are able to ensure that there is no decline in quality or time lost from the tree to the bottle.

We produce a golden, extra virgin olive oil, from ecological cultivation, that is unique due to its taste, smell, colour and excellent characteristics.

Medolea Extra Virgin Olive Oil is characterised by its fresh, intensive fruity taste that ends on a mild-piquant note. It has excellent sensory characteristics, low acidity, a high portion of polyphenol, as well as a pure smell.